Dusk to Dawn Activities

Breakfast Spread at Dusk to Dawn

Farm Tours

As the guesthouse is situated on an attractive farm, 1400 ha in extent, it offers a wide variety of farming activities. These include a large modern piggery, beef and timber farming. Johann offers guests a unique glimpse into the life of a 21st Century South African Farmer during his renowned and loved farm tours. Please book these in advance to avoid disappointment!

Johnny’s Ark Petting Zoo

“Johnny’s Ark” offers kids an opportunity to get in close contact with a large variety of farm animals such as chicken, ducks, geese, peacocks, goats, alpacas and bunnies.

Breakfast Spread at Dusk to Dawn
Breakfast Spread at Dusk to Dawn

Craft Shop

The Craft Shop started off as a shelf in the reception area in which hand embroidered table cloths were displayed. The hand-embroidery started out as an upliftment project by Gudrun’s mother, Helga Filter, in the early 90’s. Helga taught some of the Zulu ladies on the farm the distinctive art of embroidery.

As the business grew, with more ladies learning the craft, it was decided in 2004 to expand the reception to accommodate a larger craft shop. Today, the shop not only offers embroidery, but other locally produced goods and unique gifts.

The Garden

The garden is an absolute amusement park featuring a swimming pool, tree house, jungle gym and mini golf course.

As keen gardeners Gudrun and her mother Helga, maintain the garden by making sure that there is always something blooming and growing! Take a stroll through this paradise to appreciate its beauty while meditating on the quotes hidden all over.

Gudrun’s Rose Garden, however, is the true gem of the garden. Established in 1998 in remembrance of her late sister, Ursel Thiele who tragically passed away in a car accident, the garden now boasts more than 30 varieties of roses.

In 2013, most of the roses were destroyed by an accidental spray of herbicide. The unfortunate event created the perfect opportunity to renew and expand the garden, which is now home to more than 300 rose bushes. Feel free to explore the tapestry of colours and scents that make up this beautiful garden!

Breakfast Spread at Dusk to Dawn
Breakfast Spread at Dusk to Dawn


Dusk to Dawn has been registered as a “Birder Friendly Establishment” by Bird Life South Africa. Walks on the farm will offer the keen birder an opportunity to see some more than 160 bird species frequenting this farm. Three different walks are marked through lush pastures and grazing cattle leading to a bird hide.

History Tours

Furthermore, Dusk to Dawn is within easy reach of some of the Northern Natal Battlefields. As a passionate historian, Johann offers guests an unforgettable opportunity to relive the early settler life of the German Mission Families in the “Disputed Territory” of the mid-nineteenth century during his battlefield tours which allow an unforgettable view of the lesser famous battles of Lüneburg, eNtombe, Khambula and Hlobane.

As a 5th generation German South African, Johann passionately shares the history of the German Settlers in the area offering guests a unique view of the trials and joys that contributed to forming this unique German-infused area in Northern Natal and South-Eastern Mpumalanga. (BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL!)

Breakfast Spread at Dusk to Dawn
Breakfast Spread at Dusk to Dawn

Day Visit Opportunities

Dusk to Dawn is conveniently situated to offer guests the opportunity to embark on day visits to the Ithala and Mkuze Game Reserves as well as the Kingdom of Swaziland. The team will gladly assist in helping you plan your day visits!

Painting Holidays

Painting holidays at Dusk to Dawn, include demonstrations and tutoring in your choice of medium. It also includes beverages, snacks and lunches. The main venue is a picturesque deck on the dam in the garden overlooking the farm with beautiful scenery to inspire the soul. Painting holidays are presented by Irma Filter (AWSSA).

Breakfast Spread at Dusk to Dawn